Bird Monitoring site

Our bird monitoring site is a transect from -38.55820, 145.9542 (devoured.consisted.waging - what3words locator) to -38.5581983, 145.954244 (protectors.exaggerate.apart) which is a 650 metre section of the Great Southern Rail Trail. This takes in the Tarwin River - Blackspur Creek confluence wetlands plus the Tarwin River flood plain, which are Strzeleckii gum habitats.
This is easy to find, it runs from the start of the Black Spur Creek rail bridge to end of the second (or first if you are travelling to Leongatha) Tarwin River crossing.
You can include birds observed or heard from the Rail Trail over this distance.  The time allowed for the survey is 20 minutes.  

The north end of the bridge over the Blackspur Creek (above) is the start of our monitoring transect and the east end of the second Tarwin Crossing next to the big apple tree is the end of the transect (right)