Black Spur Creek Wetlands Project (BSCW) - Update 9

We are blessed with at least two important public wildlife corridors in Nerrena/Tarwin Valley – the Tarwin River and the Great Southern Rail Trail (GSRT). The fact that they intersect between Koonwarra and Meeniyan gives this area additional significance.
I’ve met with the rail trail committee twice and appreciated the time they’ve invested to learn about our project. We discussed possible revegetation projects on the Peninsula (River Bends) and potential funding and I’ve sent a copy of our plan to Jack Pearce, their secretary. The Rail Trail shares our challenges with escaped garden plants invading bushland and so perhaps there is potential for us to raise awareness of these issues together.
The rail trail links Black Spur Creek Wetlands with the Meeniyan constructed wetland (Waste Water Treatment Plant) and recently I met with the Meeniyan Progress Association and South Gippsland Water to share information and plans. They are exploring possible options for construction of a Bird Hide and more revegetation.
As a follow-up to Herb’s query at our June landcare meeting, Wildlife Health Surveillance Victoria “investigates reports of sick and dead wildlife from free ranging populations in Victoria to understand base line wildlife health and detect changes. This is important because wildlife health can affect biodiversity conservation and ecosystem health, and can interact with biosecurity and health of domestic animals and people.” At times Pete and I have supplied them with freshly dead animals (antechinus and koala) to enable them to collect and screen samples. Contact Pam Whitely, 0400 119 301 or email pamw@unimelb.edu.au . We’ve either met Pam somewhere or she has arranged for couriers to transport the animals from Leongatha Veterinary Clinic. Pam is happy to talk to community groups if people are interested. (NB. I know Pam is attending a wildlife disease meeting in Greece on 20th August so she may not be available for a week or two).
I’m assisting the Cranbourne Friends, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, to plan a South Gippsland Discovery Tour in the last weekend of March 2019. We hope to make a feature of the Black Spur Creek Wetland Project, highlighting its history and unique features, as well as future plans. More details to follow.
Silver Wattle (Acacia dealbata) blossom is currently spectacular but the more subtle Variable Sallow Wattle (Acacia mucronata) and scented Tree Violet (Melicytus dentatus formerly Hymenanthera dentata) are also in flower. More updates from our group, a video of the BSCW area, and our plan can be accessed on line on this website.
Kate Walsh, Coordinator, Black Spur Creek Wetland Project, for Nerrena/Tarwin Valley Landcare Group.
walshpk@gmail.com. Phone 0409 418 223.


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