Information for attendees at farm walks and field days

People, vehicles and equipment visiting farms can spread pests, diseases and weeds. Practicing good biosecurity will help us visit farms in a safe manner.

People, their clothing and footwear, vehicles and equipment can carry pests, weeds, seeds and diseases between properties.

This section will outline the steps we are taking as a Landcare group to minimise the risk to our hosts during farm visits and field days.

Steps we will take to limit the risk of visitors carrying new pests and diseases onto your property:

  • entry points to the property will be limited
  • visitors are requested to stick to designated parking areas
  • all visitors to the property must ensure that their vehicles, equipment, boots and clothing are clean and free from pests, weed seeds and plant material
  • Equipment and boots should be cleaned before entering the property, and ideally clean footwear should be changed into upon arrival
  • any visitor who does not comply can be refused entry
  • visitor contact with livestock, crops or plant materials will be limited as much as possible and any unnecessary contact eliminated altogether
  • disinfect hands before and after coming into contact with livestock, plant material or soil
  • any equipment used is disinfected in-between uses on different properties
  • Sanitiser, foot baths and washing facilities will be provided as required

More information can be found here


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