Community Conservation in the Tarwin Valley project

Join us for our FREE workshop on August 23rd in Koonwarra

This workshop is designed for members of Landcare groups (but could be open to anyone from a community group - just reach out) to add to their communication skills. This workshop will be run by Remember the Wild. Our community
action planning survey identified a need for engagement training. Like many groups, succession of group leaders and engagement of landholders outside of the group – whether they be new to the area or just disengaged from the environment is lacking.

To attract and inspire people in Landcare we need to be telling our story and highlighting the benefits of the work we do.
The workshop aims to show Landcare group volunteer how to connect people with the natural world through stories of their members and projects. It aims to support our volunteers by empowering them to be awesome storytellers so we can achieve our engagement goals. The expertise of Remember the Wild means they are well placed to assist our groups in reaching new audiences and eliciting desired behaviours from them; be it contributing to group organisation, volunteering, or reducing their impact on ecosystems by doing Landcare projects. The skills participants gain will help them engage with people all across Gippsland

Download the "Community conservationists" brochure from Remember the Wild and read more about the program our workshop will be developed from.

You can also use this link here to go to the Remember the Wild web page and find out all about this wonderful organisation.


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