Making a plant list

Now you know the size of your project (because you have mapped and measured it) and the EVC of the project area. Next is to work out what to plant. We usually recommend using plants that would have originally grown in the area. There are benchmarks for each EVC which specify how many plants grow in each vegetation class. There is a link to all the EVC benchmarks at the bottom of this page, but generally there are about 20 large trees per hectare and about 2000 tall shrubs and understory per hectare. Plan to plant about 50 large trees/Ha to allow for attrition. Your nursery will help you work out what is available for your area, and the numbers of each individual species.

Plant lists for EVC 30 Wet Forest and EVC 29 Damp Forest

Plant lists for EVC 16 Lowland Forest & EVC 23 Herb Rich Foothill Forest

Plant lists for EVC 18 Riparian Forest and EVC 191 Riparian Scrub

Plant list for Ecological Vegetation Class 8 Wet Heathland

EVC Benchmark links

Indigenous Plants of South Gippsland Shire brochure

This brochure is produced by the Shire of South Gippsland and contains a list of local indigenous, endemic plants.

Decide which planting method you are going to use

Your options are

  • tubestock - either forestry tubes or Hico's both of which are good options.
  • direct seeding - using a tractor or hand method. The South Gippsland Seed bank are the go to experts for direct seeding information

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