Follow our guides and plan and execute the best revegetation project ever!

Planning your project

Projects are successful because of good planning. Projects that involve establishing native vegetation are no exception. Careful planning helps to set objectives, identify tasks to be done, ensures that the resources are available and that activities are undertaken when needed. Planning ensures that the best possible results can be achieved.

What plants go where on your farm?

We use a metric called Ecological Vegetation Class (EVC) to work out what type of vegetation grew or grows on your property in the area you want to revegetate. Finding out which EVC is relatively straight forward as there are maps available online that show the EVC's as an overlay. Use our links to Nature Kit to do this for your property.

Making a plant list

Now you know the size of your project (because you have mapped and measured it) and the EVC of the project area. Next is to work out what to plant.

Site Preparation

A well prepared site will provide the best conditions for plant germination, survival and growth. This means early weed control and choosing the type of soil preparation which best suits the site and revegetation technique.

Planting out

Tips for planting tubestock or direct seeding.

Maintaining your revegetation site

Tips for maintenance of a revegetation site in the following years from planting


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