Regenerating the Farm; connecting soil, trees, water and people

Members of our Landcare Care group have been planning farm revegetation works, along with the implementation of farming practices that improve soil health, protect existing vegetation, protect waterways and enhance biodiversity. Whilst understanding individual components of restorative agriculture our group farmers seem to need tools to pull the whole story together and make farm improvements that provide lasting and valuable contributions to food production, habitat restoration for wildlife.

Our Landcare project will revegetate a hectare of Damp Forest in the Ruby hills with fencing and planting indigenous endemic vegetation chosen to protect the draining lines, reduce erosion and provide habitat. We will hold a field day in association with this project to introduce the project to the Landcare group and discuss waterway protection, fence placement, remnant protection, size of plantation and ecosystem services provided by a well planned and executed tree break.

Group members will attend a one day workshop discussing Regenerative Agriculture. We will be learning about the basics of regenerative agriculture. This should inform future Landcare works and give our landholders the tools necessary to take further action on their properties to increase outputs whilst maintaining environmental values. Using a whole of farm and integrated landscape approach, our landholders will be able to plan improvements that will sustain the ongoing productivity of their properties, and habitat for indigenous species. Facilitated by Deane Belfield of Regenerative Australian Farmers, this workshop will be an opportunity for Landcare group members to increase their understanding of regenerative agriculture and carbon farming.