Our 2021 Victorian Landcare Grant project

Regenerating the Farm; connecting soil, trees, water and people

Our next Victorian Landcare Grant project is a one day workshop where we will be learning about the basics of regenerative agriculture. This should inform future Landcare works and give our landholders the tools necessary to take further action on their properties to increase outputs whilst maintaining environmental values. Using a whole of farm and integrated landscape approach, our landholders will be able to plan improvements that will sustain the ongoing productivity of their properties, and habitat for indigenous species. Facilitated by Deane Belfield of Regenerative Australian Farmers, this workshop will be an opportunity for Landcare group members to increase their understanding of regenerative agriculture and carbon farming.

The weekend of 15th and 16th of October is going to be really interesting so make sure you put it in your diary!

On Saturday starting at 10.00am in Nerrena, we will be having a workshop hosted by Deane Belfield from Regenerative Farmers Australia, who will deliver a one day workshop. This workshop will deliver an overview of Regenerative Agriculture and its relevance to Australian farmers.

Covering such a large topic in just a few hours is a big ask, but hopefully the workshop will introduce regenerative agriculture to those that have heard about it, or want to explore it as a management system for their own property. By looking at case studies we will explore the ways that local landholders can get started. This will be an interactive discussion that uses the attendees goals and aspirations for their own properties and comes up with usable pathways for action. For those folk that are already practicing regenerative agriculture (whether that is what you label it or not), the workshop will give them the chance to refine the management of their properties.

Over a provided bbq lunch, the discussions are bound to be interesting.

In the afternoon we will be talking about carbon farming, what is it, commercial potential, supported by some case studies to offer examples and context. Deane will introduce some soil carbon projects and discuss how you might get involved.

Deane will discuss options going forward (individually and as a group) and look at relevant funding streams.

The last part of the day is a farm walk and discussion.

The topics we cover on Saturday are driven by you. If you have something you would like looked at in some depth, please indicate this on the RSVP form, or call me, Jill on 0419 382 379 to discuss.

See https://regenfarmers.com.au/ for more info and some background.

Corné and Jen, our hosts for the workshop noted that farm biosecurity protocols will be in place, and we ask that no dogs are brought to the day. Thanks! (you can check out our farm biosecurity info on our website here. If you haven’t already put some farm biosecurity measures in place at your property, this is a good first step to develop some safety measures on your place as well)

As Deane is staying in Fish Creek - we will be having an informal dinner and discussion at Long John Pickles, 6.30pm start.

On Sunday October 16th we have kindly been invited to look at the property of Fergus and Deb O’Connor at Berrys Creek. The opportunity to look at this best practice farms is a valuable one. Fergus is a committed and passionate farmer for climate action, and this ties into our look at regenerative agriculture. The O’Connors have been implementing sustainable agriculture practices on their property since they bought it in 2012. Not only have they planted trees, fenced waterways and celebrated the return of native plants and animals - they have significantly increases the properties carrying capacity. This is a win win! Check out more deets here https://farmersforclimateaction.org.au/blog/2020/07/22/fergus-and-deb-oconnor/

Once again in the grand Landcare tradition, you are invited to a provided bbq lunch. During lunch and after, our own group soil guru Kevin Hughes, will lead us through a demonstration about soils, and some of the things you should be aiming for on your own paddocks. Pure gold!

For more about Kev, check out this (page 20).

You are welcome to come to one part or all. Whatever you chose it will be amazing!