Nerrena Tarwin Valley Landcare Projects

Nerrena Tarwin Valley Landcare Group (NTVLC) is a community group that exists to help landholders in the Landcare Group area develop projects and apply for funds to undertake protection and restoration of the natural environment and increase the viability of farming and food production. We work together to undertake community projects that enhance our natural environment, and support other agencies and community groups who have similar goals.
The main farming enterprises are dairy, beef production with some prime lamb and wool production.
Soils of the area are susceptible to erosion and acidification. Landslip, tunnel, gully and stream bank erosion occur within the catchment. Pest plant and animal issues are widespread in the area.

We have several current projects and are working with private landholders and public agencies to enhance and restore and understand the environment on both private and public land. More information can be found on specific project pages

Links to our project pages


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