Black Spur Creek Wetlands Project - Update 5

The wetlands have been replenished with plenty of rain over September and a few more old trees were knocked over by high winds. The joyous frogs’ chorus along the vistas was silenced only when they were they were completely flooded over !

To see the spectacular vimeo of drone footage “Tarwin River in Flood – September 2017: An aerial view of the river and Black Spur Creek confluence,” go to the Nerrena Landcare Group webpage or facebook page (Thanks Jill!). It is also posted on the Great Southern Rail Trail facebook page.
Unfortunately the willow control work has been only partially successful. We’ll be watching closely to see how the willows respond in the next few weeks but follow-up work will surely be necessary.
Thanks to our hard working landcare network co-ordinatoor, Jill Vella, we’re currently developing an application to NAB Foundation : Sustainable Regions Grants. We want to build on the WGCMA work in the Black Spur Creek confluence and further the transition from planning phase to implementation. Weed control, revegetation, hydrology restoration, wildlife monitoring, coordination and community communication and education are all on our wish list. We have some exciting ideas for activities including a “What’s in the Tarwin River?” information day.
Our stretch of river would certainly be ideal to showcase good management when our plan is implemented. The Great Southern Rail Trail is a friendly place and it’s wonderful seeing so many people using it – walking, running, riding, pushing strollers.
Comments from the local community about the South Gippsland Highway realignment plans have been passed on by me to Debbie McLees from Vic Roads. All the comments were aimed at increasing species diversity in the revegetation.
Kate Walsh, Coordinator, Black Spur Creek Wetland Project, for Tarwin Valley (Nerrena) Landcare Group.
walshpk@gmail.com. Phone 0409 418 223.


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