Black Spur Creek Wetlands Project Update 17 December 2019

Most of you will have heard that CPB contractors will be undertaking the $115.2 million upgrade and realignment of the South Gippsland Highway through the Black Spur Wetland area. Already some fencing of an adjoining property has commenced and we will be seeing other activity over the next few months as the project gets underway. It is scheduled to finish in 2023.
We have been assured that weed control will also be commencing soon.
Nerrena Tarwin Valley Landcare Group will continue to liaise with all the stakeholders including Major Roads Projects Victoria. Although there will be significant disturbance and native vegetation loss initially, the aim is to have the unique ecological functions and features of this 40 hectares of public land protected and restored for the long term according to our 2016 Plan. We will to continue to provide updates every two months.
Meanwhile our landcare group has been busy implementing the “Making the Tarwin Terrific Again” project.
We wish everyone involved or interested in the Black Spur Creek Wetland Project a safe, peaceful and happy festive season and new year.


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