Black Spur Creek Wetlands Project (BSCW) - Update 25

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of these lands and waters.

A major focus of the Black Spur Creek Wetland (BSCW) project has been to restore Eucalypt Forests/Woodlands and Swamp/Riparian Scrub with their diverse flora and fauna. Invasive dominating weeds can hinder this process. Sweet Pittosporum suppresses regeneration of other seedlings, especially Gum Trees, which provide essential habitat for so many birds and animals.

Thus Nerrena Tarwin Valley (NTV) Landcare Group has been encouraging clearing of invasive plants along the Rail Trail. This will allow other species to grow and thrive and complement work we are doing on our own properties. Some areas will regenerate naturally but others will need supplementary planting to bring back the forest and scrub.

To share experiences of managing remnant bushland, in March we joined Arawatta Landcare for a working bee in Hamman’s Bush. Arawatta Landcare Group’s major challenge is an extensive infestation of Sweet Pittosporum. However with support from South Gippsland Shire, they have successfully cleared significant areas and have been rewarded by excellent regeneration of shrubs and trees. We are inspired by Arawatta Landcare’s success and we are very appreciative of the work, funded by Major Road Projects Vic, to remove weeds from our BSCW section of the Rail Trail.

Sharing knowledge and mutual encouragement are two of many benefits of belonging to a wider South Gippsland Landcare Network (Follow them on Facebook or subscribe to their e-News). Our executive committee is in regular contact with the network.

Sue Miles has not attended activities while she concentrates on recovering but she continues to take a lively interest and provide support. The NTV Landcare executive committee has been meeting at her home. We are developing a plan to restore the Apple Tree Wetlands (part of the BSCW project) and link them to vegetation along the old and new highways.

Tarwin Landcare Group is interested in learning more about our BSCW project, wetland restoration, and bird monitoring. On 30th May they will join us for a walk along the Rail Trail.

Our thanks to Melissa Ellis, NTV Landcare member and South Gippsland Water employee, who organized an April walk along the Rail Trail with representatives from Major Road Projects Vic, CPB contractors, West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority and NTV Landcare Executive Committee. We were looking at environmental protection measures being undertaken during highway construction. Most efforts are focused on maintaining the health of the Tarwin River, minimizing sedimentation, and ensuring that the river leaves the works area in as good or better condition as it arrives. This very interesting walk can be repeated if enough Landcare members express an interest. NB To subscribe to regular email Community Updates on the highway realignment, go to Major Road Projects Victoria website. 


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