Black Spur Creek Wetlands Project (BSCW) - Update 29

by Sue Miles

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of these lands and waters.


Good news  finally the funding arrived in our bank account for us to commence the weed reduction and revegetation works for our project Restoring the Apple Tree Wetlands. 

In late May,  Mark Rowe and the works team from Bass Coast Landcare  started spraying the weeds on the bank below the current highway. They have also been removing the sweet pittosporum trees from the site. West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority in conjunction with this grant have funded our group to spray the blackberries on the Tarwin River at this site.

Lucky, as we have had nearly 2 weeks of wet, miserable weather since. Our total rainfall as I write this article, is more than the whole of the last 5 months rainfall.

These pictures were taken by Major Roads Project Victoria from the new bridge works area in late May and shared with us.

In this area there has been a previous track (as can be seen in the photo) down from the highway to the rail trail below and  Major Roads Project Victoria were very keen to reopen it for access down the Rail Trail. Together we have undertaken to spray the weeds and clear the old track of larger weeds. Major Roads Project Victoria will organise for their contractors  CPB to resurface the track back to where the Old highway will be closed.

We will then revegetate the area with indigenous plants and trees to enhance the corridor between Kate and Pete Walsh's property on the south side of the current highway and the Rail Trail.


We are still bird monitoring around the new road works area.  Last month (18 May 2022) at the Blackspur Creek bridge - 13 Red-browed Finches, 8 Superb Fairy Wrens, 7 Crimson Rosellas, 3 Pacific Black Ducks, 3 Little Ravens, 2 Yellow Faced Honeyeaters, 1 Grey Shrike-thrush and one Common Starling were recorded.

With this bad weather we have seen a giggle of Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos in the area.

Anyone is able to monitor the birds they see by searching for the Birdlife Australia App or using the QR code which is on the sign by the Blackspur Creek Bridge on the Great Southern Rail Trail.  On the sign we have photos of some of the more common birds seen.

We have 3 sites that you can record on.

NTVLC-01, Blackspur Bridge Wetlands,

NTVLC-02, Middle Bridge Tarwin River Crossing,

NTVLC-03, Apple Tree Wetland Tarwin River Crossing.

On the App each site will have a map of the area you can look over to see the birds.  It is recommended that you take 20 minutes to check the area.  Time helps you to see all of the birds that frequent that small 2 hectare area. 

Please join us on the third Wednesday afternoon of the month, we love to have new members accompany us. Date, times and cancellations see Facebook or our newsletter.


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