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In 2017 the Nerrena and Tarwin Valley Landcare groups amalgamated, forming the Nerrena/Tarwin Valley Landcare group or NTVLG. The Nerrena Landcare Group was formed in 1995 and aimed to protect and enhance the natural assets of the area, through action, community participation, education and awareness. The Tarwin Valley Landcare Group, itself formed by an amalgamation of the previous areas of the Jindinook and Stony Creek Landcare groups, was formed in 2011. The driving force of Landcare in the area has always been the continual development of links along the east branch of the Tarwin River and its tributaries.

Whether you are an experienced farmer moving to this area, a tree or sea changer looking to enjoy our beautiful landscape and coast, or you are wanting to establish a small farming enterprise; Landcare can help you develop best practice land management, and assist you to get the best from your commercial or small farm enterprise. membership of your local Landcare Group, offers you the chance to be part of a grass roots organisation that will support your farm practice and offer fun, social interaction with like-minded people. The success of Landcare is due to the inspiring contributions made by passionate individuals and volunteers. Landcare members continue to demonstrate and evolve their land stewardship practices, and have a deep understanding of how they contribute to the heath of catchments, communities and the local economy.
Programs include;

  • Proactive partnerships – engaging and delivering projects in partnership with agency and the community

  • Connecting and restoring habitat– remnant vegetation protection and revegetation

  • Pest plant and animal management – extension and advice for integrated pest plant and animal control

  • Sustainable farming for our area - field days and workshops

  • Eco Education- environmental education for the next generation

  • Training programs – providing landholders with skills and knowledge to address current and future needs of our group members

Landcare is about trees isn’t it?

Well—it is a big part of what we do! We have information about revegetation on our revegetation page here. The planting guides include information abut ecological vegetation class groupings, called EVC’s. You can find out about the EVC of your property by using the interactive map under the 'what plants where' tab here. When you know the EVC applicable to the part of your property you want to do some work, you can use the 'plant list' page here, and find the plants suitable for your place. Follow the other links on the revegetation pages to plan and execute your project.

Of course Landcare members are always available for advice and help.

But...Landcare is so much more! Funding for Landcare works is sometimes available and help members to undertake a Landcare project. Projects may include fencing off a patch of remnant bush, fencing off and revegetating a waterway, removing willows, weed control and revegetation plantings. Funding rounds from us and our partners is usually announced in our e-newsletter and on Facebook etc. Landholders are welcome to submit a project between funding rounds, so it is on file and can be matched to appropriate funding as it comes to hand.

Our projects are the means of delivering grants, information and training to our members and the community. Connecting and restoring habitat– remnant vegetation protection and revegetation are our main on-ground activities. We seek funding for this work and encourage landholders to contact us with project proposals so we can advise the best way to proceed.

Pest plant and animal management – extension and advice for integrated pest plant and animal control. This website contains basic pest plant and animal control information. Information on weed control can be found here and by contacting us.

Sustainable farming in our area have included the Regenerating the Farm; connecting soil, trees, water and people project with project information here. Although this project has concluded, our newsletter often contains information about field days and workshops in sustainable farming run by other networks and groups.

Landcare is about bringing people together to share ideas and implement cooperative projects. It can be an important point of contact for newcomers to a district, and helps to develop friendships and a sense of belonging. Many meetings and other activities, such as tree plantings and training days often involve sharing a meal, a cuppa and stories.

Landcare is about community and a shared love of the environment. We are so happy to have you join us and look forward to seeing you soon

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