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Black Spur Creek Wetlands - Update for Nerrena Landcare Group & other stakeholders. May 2017

Next time you’re walking along the Rail Trail near the Black Spur Creek Wetlands (BSCW), take a look at the small patch of young forest with a sign on the fence:Friends of the Great Southern Rail TrailHigh Value Conservation Reservation SiteEucalyptus strzeleckii woodlandParks VictoriaIt’s a good example of revegetation and I know at least two members of Nerrena Landcare Group, Zoe and Richard Baillie, participated in the planting. Further work was postponed until there was some certainty ab...

May 31, 2017

Black Spur Creek Wetland Update 2. March-April 2017

It’s exciting to see the Indigenous Designs crew (on behalf of the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority) working at poisoning willows in the Black Spur Wetlands Confluence and the Apple Tree Wetlands. Great work ! And thanks to the WGCMA and to the Great Southern Rail Trail Committee for providing access.It is also apparent that the GSRT Committee has had the blackberries sprayed. This complements the work on neighbouring private properties and provides a good base from which we can g...

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